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TTC was formed on the principle of catering to the basic needs of the common man in the Telugu community. We are part of the community and understand the everyday needs of our community. Our effort will be to involve community members from diverse regions in Tri-Valley Area and foster partnerships with like-minded organizations. We are committed to work in under-served service segments under Language, Culture, Community, Youth, Women Empowerment, Career Guidance, and Civic Engagement categories. We promise a truthful, fair, transparent, ethical and inclusive organization with equal opportunity to one and all.

  • Rambabu Uppu

    Rambabu UppuMember

  • Keshav Potluri

    Keshav Potluri Member

  • Sri Rama Kuriseti

    Sri Rama KurisetiMember

  • Ramana Byrapuneni

    Ramana ByrapuneniMember

  • Ramesh konitineni

    Ramesh konitineniMember